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integrated marketing communication

Strategic approach to company’s communication planning and execution.
Control the information quality – control your business.

Are you looking to establish your business in Lithuania? We can help.

UAB In Public – is an integrated marketing communication agency established in 2005.
Our principles:

in-depth analysis of individual customer’s situation

including identification of problem areas and possible solutions through a detailed marketing strategy plan and its implementation.  

we know the difference.

Marketing has  a wide variety of definitions. All of them are more or less truthful, however the main function of marketing is to prepare the market for the specific needs of an organisation. The homework that each business owner or an institution must do includes product anlysis, potential market segmentation, market research and analysis, and product positioning. The marketing of different products (items, services, ideas)  will have different goals, management and analysis methods. Each will have diverse marketing complexes. A marketing complex is the entirety of associated actions and tools that satisfy customer’s demands and the organisation’s needs.

When attempting to enter foreign markets, we must choose to standartise or adapt the marketing complex. Adaptation is the adjustment of certain elements of the marketing complex to suit the specific country’s views and customs. Single elements (e.g. communication only) may be adapted, or in some cases it is worth creating a whole new marketing plan. Direct translation of texts or currency conversion in the pricing table is not considered adaptation. Standartisation – the use of a single marketing complex for local and foreign markets.

Communication (communicatio in Latin – imparting, sharing)  – is defined as exchange of informative measures, such as speech, gestures, facial expressions, movements, etc. The purpose of communication is to share something that wasn’t known to all parties prior to the exchange of information.

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is the compatibility of all the communication measures between the organisation and its brands,  through all the customer contact points. IMC planning involves identifying the target audience, budget planning, creation of communication messages IMK planavimas apima tikslinės auditorijos nustatymą, komunikavimo tikslų numatymą, biudžeto planavimą, komunikacinių žinučių, pranešimų kūrimą, informacijos sklaidos metodų parinkimą, priemonių efektyvumo įvertinimą  (angl. – Mission, Market, Media, Message, Money, Measurement).

Corporate communication definition includes: institutional advertising, corporate relations with the public, interested parties, focus groups, and sponsorship on behalf of the organisation.

Advertising is a paid mass communication tool meant to promote a brand, manufacturer, behaviour, products, or achieve other purposes. It is often easy to understand who is the organisation commissioning the advert. Advertising campaign is a collection of consistent advertising tools belonging to the same creative idea framework, which aims to achieve the client’s goals.

 Public relations is a mass communication activity that aims to create a favourable  image and form public opinion. Public relations are not mean to drive sales directly as it is often difficult to discover who is the customer behind the campaign. Classic public relations take place when the information is published without pay, because that way it becomes news. PR can be called upon to introduce new products, increase public interest, influence focus groups, manage crises and form a good public image of an organisation.


  • Marketing strategy development
  • detailed marketing plans
  • SWOT analysis
  • creation and execution of marketing measures
  • comprehensive brand creation and DEVELOPMENT services 
  • creation and development of web design concepts
  • publicity campaigns
  • Crisis management using Public communication tools 
  • creation and management of social media accounts
  • writing and distribution of Press releases
  • Graphic design 
  • professional photoshoots
  • Video presentations
  • outdoor advertising
  • 2d and 3d animation 
  • printed and digital advertising publications
  • management of business and entertainment events 
  • non-standard staff training events
  • EU grant applications and project management
  • business gifts
  • translations to/FROM Lithuanian, english, russian


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